Member of Honor Awards

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 Member of Honor Award Inaugurated

In January 2022, NYSCHSA's Executive Committee established a new honor, which we are calling the Member of Honor Awards—one to be given to a Regular Member—and one to be given to an Affiliate Member. The Executive Committee will annually review nominations for the Member of Honor Award for our Professional Members, and the Transportation Industry Committee will annually review nominations for the Affiliate Member of Honor Award. Candidates for these awards should exhibit characteristics consistent with the Award Name, including dedication, commitment, and caring to their profession, family, and community.

In creating this award, the Executive Committee thought of a member who has dedicated his energies to forwarding the work of our association and profession--someone who serves as role model and resource. With this in mind:

Member of Honor Award
is hereby
Inaugurated in 2022
and is being named in honor of
Don Higgins
for his many years of faithful service
to NYSCHSA and the profession.

The inaugural presentation of this award took place on January 19, 2022: 

In recognition of his tireless devotion to traffic and traffic safety in Monroe County, and his willingness and desire to help others across the state, and recognizing his hard work, skill, and professionalism at all levels of our association, while being a welcoming beacon of friendship and support to all who knew him...

The Don Higgins
Member of Honor Award

Inaugural Presentation
James R. Pond, P.E., PTOE
Presented Posthumously

In the Spring of 2021, Mike Haggerty and the TIC proposed an award to be named for our late, dear friend and colleague, Ken Carr. The Executive Committee named the Affiliate Member of Honor Award in honor of Ken Carr.

In memory of Ken, and all that he stood for: hard work, honesty, integrity, and a true team spirit in working with such a wide variety of personalities and styles in our profession, the inaugural presentation of the award was presented on January 19, 2022: 

The Kenneth Carr
Affiliate Member of Honor Award
Inaugural Presentation
Kenneth Carr
Presented Posthumously